Fr. Bruno discusses the rebirth of Wisdom in our time

The Capacity to be Alone

The Camaldolese monastic spirit constitutes a deep sharing between oblates and monks. Central to this spirit, and one aspect of our threefold good, is solitude. How does our capacity for solitude grow? What are the psychological and spiritual perspectives that can help us be more attuned to this important dimension of our lives? Br. Bede, monk and clinical psychologist, who has had a life long interest in the integration of spirituality and psychology, explores these themes.

Recorded: Saturday, October 3, 2015
at the Monastery of the Risen Christ in San Luis Obispo, CA.

The New Evangelization: The Camaldolese Response.

Fr. Cyprian reprises the keynote address he gave for the Camaldolese Assembly in May 2014 at the Presentation Center in San Jose, “The New Evangelization: the Camaldolese Response.

Five short clips of Fr. Bruno speaking on a new sapiential consciousness/theology:

Thanks to Nanette Walsh for posting these.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Two conferences on Wisdom Christianity.

These are two films of Fr. Bruno’s work that our Australian oblate Chris Morris posted on YouTube.

1. Wisdom Christianity 1: “The Future of Wisdom” by Fr. Bruno Barnhart, OSB Cam.

2. Wisdom Christianity 2: “The ‘I am’ of Jesus” by Fr. Bruno Barnhart, OSB Cam.

Two conferences on Teilhard de Chardin.

Fr. Bruno and Fr. Robert gave talks on the thought of Teilhard de Chardin at the Monastery of the Risen Christ on the 6th of December.  The community there kindly had the talks videoed. Fr. Robert Hale, OSB Cam. spoke on Teilhard’s radical engagement with Transcendence. Fr. Bruno spoke on Teilhard’s radical engagement with the universe.

Both Frs. Bruno and Robert are former priors of New Camaldoli Hermitage. Fr. Robert is currently one of our oblate chaplains, and did his doctoral dissertation on Teilhard de Chardin at Fordham.

The links for the video files of the talks are:

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