Update April 24, 2017:

Dear friends,

I am so sorry to have to write this to you. We met with our advisors as well as the geologists last week. Because of the continuing deterioration of our entry road, and due to the fact that Highway 1 remains closed to all but local traffic until at least June 1st, the Hermitage will have to remain closed to all guests and retreatants until further notice. We are very disappointed about this but it simply must be this way for now. Unfortunately, we also have not been given a reliable timetable for a remedy to this situation. We tried to do a limited opening for May, but were told last week to cancel that.

We are all well, thanks be to God, and the brothers and staff are coping with their usual grace and joy. But please do keep all of us, as well as our neighbors, in your prayers.  We are ever so grateful for your ongoing support and friendship.

Fr. Cyprian, Prior

[please note: if you would like to be placed on a wait list for summer reservations, please contact Katee at reservations@contemplation.com.  If we are able to accept guests this summer you will be contacted]


Please note: there is no internet or cell phone service here. There is a landline phone available during business hours to make quick calls in case of urgency or to let your loved ones know you have arrived safely.  Lucia Lodge, which is just down the road from us, sells internet access by the day.

Before making an online reservation, please read the pages regarding Retreats and Accommodations and Rates. We are a working monastery with accommodations and an environment geared toward spiritual retreats. If you are expecting flash, posh surroundings and luxury, you won’t find it here.  What you will find are clean, simple rooms that won’t distract you from your serenity and solitude, and breath-taking natural beauty.

We require a 2 night minimum stay in the same room; the maximum stay allowed is 14 nights.

If you feel that the monastic environment at New Camaldoli Hermitage is appropriate for you, then check our availability for your desired dates by clicking below.


If you have any comments about this new reservation service, please provide feedback at reservations@contemplation.com

For group reservations or to speak with someone call (831) 667-2456 x100. Thank you.

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