Yoga and the Jesus Prayer (book)


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There are an increasing number of books that seek to explore the connections between the yoga tradition and the spiritual traditions of Christianity these days. This volume is a particularly authentic one, written by Fr. Thomas Matus, a Camaldolese monk who not only is well-grounded in the theoretical basis of both traditions but also in the practices from both sides of the fence. The Camaldolese branch of the Benedictine Order is a very interesting one that continues to preserve its links to yoga practices initiated by its famous brother, Bede Griffiths, in the middle of the 20th century. Griffiths was the first Christian religious to go to India and enter their monastic system with the intention of living the marriage of both traditions rather than simply evangelizing to obtain conversions. This book is Matus’ doctoral dissertation comparing the yoga path with the path of Christian contemplation typified by the writings of Simeon the New Theologian. The depth of Matus’ practice is evident in his plain-spoken exposition of both paths. This is not a book that will go out of date soon for this reason and is a must read for those interested in the experiential contact between the two traditions.

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