Our own Brandy-dipped Date-Nut Cake (3lb)


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This is the 3lb version of our very own date-nut cake; we have a limited supply of 3lb cakes this year, so once they are gone there will be no more until further notice!  This size is perfect for stocking up your personal supply, or to feed the whole crowd at big dinners or parties.

Date-nut cakes are a little less moist than our fruitcake and not quite as intense, which makes them perfect for an all-occasion dessert. And they are versatile – use them all year long for dessert, snacks or one-of-a-kind gifts!  Remember, these cakes are brandy-soaked and aged, and they keep well in the fridge or freezer if wrapped in plastic.  Rich enough that a slice will satisfy all but the most desperate folks.  Imagine whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top of your slice, with perhaps some warm caramel sauce!  So enjoyable you may need to go to confession after having a taste.

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