fruitcakesThat old story about the same fruitcake getting passed around every holiday season just isn’t true, at least not for our brandy-dipped fruitcakes and date-nut cakes. These cakes disappear quickly, which is why we still make the same, full flavored fruitcakes and date-nut cakes we always have, from the same decades old recipe (going on 50 years now).
Our brandy-dipped fruitcakes and date-nut cakes have stood the test of time, standing out even among other monastic cakes. Moist, delicious, well reviewed by food experts, fruitcake lovers, and even fruitcake skeptics! Half the secret is the brandy dipping, but that’s really no secret. Our carefully baked fruitcakes and date-nut cakes are aged at least 3 months in a temperature controlled environment.
Our Hermitage fruitcakes are made with cherries, pineapples, California raisins, walnuts, dates, and Georgia pecans. Our date-nut cakes are made with choice California dates and fresh walnuts, which are blended with a variety of spices. Cakes are dipped in grape brandy and aged for 3 to 6 months. For holidays – or any special occasion – send a cake to everyone on your gift list with one simple billing. A special message that you create is included with every gift order.

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