Father Arthur PoulinFather Arthur Poulin is a Camaldolese monk, priest, and artist. His landscape paintings reflect the beauty, harmony, and unity of creation; deep values that need to be celebrated and shared today. His work has been published in many forms and sold throughout the world.

Fr. Poulins paintings echo the Impressionists, yet he has developed his own original style. All his paintings begin with a black canvas. Through his contemplative process he starts with minute brush strokes, creating dots (mustard seeds) that will grow into the completed image. In the process he moves from darkness to light, the major theme of his work. When asked about his painting he speaks in terms of moving from the unknown to the known, from chaos to unity; which he sees as a sacred journey not to be feared.

All of Father Poulins originals are commissioned. Fortunately, a wide array of greeting cards and prints of his work are available. They are extremely popular, and we are delighted to be able to make them available here.

The greeting cards are listed below; cards come in a box with envelopes.


If you’d like to order a giclée canvas print, please send your inquiry, along with the name of the design, to rich@contemplation.com. We can then tell you if a giclée print is available in the design you requested. Not all of Fr. Arthur’s designs are available in giclée prints, so we will have to let you know if it is available and, if so, what sizes it can be printed in.

What is a giclée print?

Giclée is a process that uses a large (5-8 foot), very expensive 12 color ink jet printer and pigment based archival inks. This insures that your prints will never degrade or yellow over time and allows a better longevity. Giclée printing allows the artist to provide a quality product for their customers that will never fade. Our giclée prints are done on canvas, and have a texture to them. They have a protective coating added to help prevent damage due to sunlight or accidental markings.

Giclée, pronounced ‘Gee-Clay’, is a word is taken from a version of the French word ‘la giclée’, meaning ‘that which is sprayed or squirted’.

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