The New Camaldoli Hermitage is pleased to offer a number of Preached Retreats for 2017

The general schedule for these retreats is:

  • First meeting is Friday evening at 7 pm
  • Two meetings on Saturday
  • Last meeting on Sunday before the 11 am mass
  • All Conferences are in the chapter room, through the door just beyond the large Marian icon in the chapel corridor on the left.
  • A bell will be rung 10 minutes before each conference.

To make a reservation:

By Phone:

Monday-Thursday: 831-667-2456 ext. 143 (Katee)

Friday-Sunday: 831-667-2456 ext. 100 (bookstore attendant)

By email:

Reservations cannot be made through the on-line booking system, as it will appear that there is no availability which might not necessarily be true. You will only know by contacting Katee.

A one night deposit is required to confirm a reservation, and we have a 7 day cancellation policy. There is an additional $60.00 fee for the Directed Retreat itself. That fee is included in the nightly cost of the room.



July 7th-9th
Br. Bede Healey

“Compassion:  Spiritual and Psychological Dimensions”

Compassion is a central theme that spans the world’s religions.  What makes this a driving force in our spiritual lives?  And what psychological processes assist us in developing ourselves as compassionate human beings?  These and other issues will be explored during this retreat.

July 21st-23rd
Fr. Robert Hale and Susan Guthrie

“ Divinization of our Diminishments, and then Glory”

Fr. Teilhard de Chardin along with many others writes about the divinization of our activities, how we can Christianly grow in what we do.  But he also has eloquent thoughts about the divinization of our diminishments, for example when we are sick, when we suffer losses of loved ones, when our faculties and health decline, etc.  This is the more difficult dimension of life, but as Teilhard notes, it is also the more profound, the more capable of helping us to a deep union with God.  The final diminishment is dying, death, but that is the narrow gate to Glory, a fullness of joy and peach and love beyond conceiving.

August 11th-13th
Fr. Thomas Matus

“Being Christ”

St. Paul’s greatest spiritual advice is “Become what you are and who you are.” We
are made in God’s image and likeness, the same image that resides in Jesus, God and
Human. The spiritual journey is one of “realization” — in both senses, as becoming
conscious and as making real. The great promise of Jesus is: “I am with you always.”
Becoming conscious of the promise and making it real are the working of grace in us:
all that we have has been given to us, and all that we are is our being and becoming
in Christ. We will reflect especially on St. Paul’s mystical realism, expressed in
his sayings: “Christ in you, your hope of glory” and “I live, now not I, but Christ
lives in me.” All this will connect with previous retreats, including moments of
meditative yoga practice.

September 15th-17th
Br. Ivan Nicoletto

“The Incomplete Christ”

The weekend will offer a meditative opportunity to deepen Christ’s consciousness, and to perceive ourselves as it’s embodiment in time and space.

October 6th-8th (wait list only available – contact reservations to add your name to list)
Fr. Michael Fish

“Contemplative Ways of Being”

During this retreat we’ll explore how to remain centered in the midst of our busy and often chaotic life.  Surrounded by the beauty of the Hermitage and using Scripture and poetry we’ll look at new ways of seeing, finding quiet and turning our life into prayer.

October 27th-29th
Fr. Andrew Colnaghi, OSB Cam; Fr. Arthur Poulin, OSB Cam; Antoinette Betschart, Obl OSB Cam

“All Creation is Becoming One in God”

As separatism and divisions seem to be escalating in our world, we are often viewed as a specie that has lost its way.  Some suggest that we have forgotten our origin in God.  As we become open to remembering the origin of all creation in God, we look to the “re-membering” of humankind as sisters and brothers living in harmony with creation.  This retreat will explore historical and contemporary examples of the power and potential of contemplative prayer and action to continue to bring humankind and all of creation together s we are becoming One in God.

November 17th-19th
Br. Bede Healey and Paula Huston

Holy Reading:  “ Lectio Divina in today’s Spiritual Journey”

Sacred reading, holy reading, close reading – how do we bring together our understanding of the human capacity to read and understand with the mysterious spiritual core of ourselves?  But the monastic practice of Lectio Divina, truly a charism of the church, continues to expand and utilize cultural changes and human knowledge to bring us closer to ourselves and to God.

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