Ora et Labora: Contemplative Immersion Program


The idea behind this program is for young men who are discerning their vocation in a general way to come and spend some time with us, live our life and glean what they can from the monastic tradition, wisdom and way of life. Here are some of the elements that structure the experience.

  • We limit the stay with us to two weeks at first; and we ask the candidates to commit to at least three nights. This needs to be arranged with the prior and the guest master, pending space.
  • Before coming we ask the candidate to send a brief biography, a letter of recommendation from a pastor or counselor and emergency contact info.
  • The candidate agrees to take part in our liturgical life and to be on the work schedule.
    • The liturgy includes Lauds, Eucharist and Vespers; Vigils (5:30 AM) is not required but encouraged.
    • The candidate agrees to work half a day five days of the week (usually Monday through Friday), either the morning 8-11:30 or afternoon 2-5:30. The candidate will also be on the Sunday schedule with the monks.
    • During the week the candidate will be under the supervision of the head of maintenance unless needed for work on the community schedule.
    • Generally we aim toward a half day of work and a half day for study and personal prayer.
  • The candidate agrees to see one of the monks as a spiritual director during his time here. Three visits are suggested during the two weeks, beginning, middle and end. The prior will advise him of the monks who are available for this.

For more information please contact prior@contemplation.com.

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