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California Hermitage Sees Surge in Lay People Who Want a Monastic Experience

A beautiful 8-minute film about the Oblate program at the Hermitage on the Religion News Service website. Thanks to Kate Olsen for the interest and for sharing the Hermitage experience.

Article referring to the Hermitage in the Huffington Post by Holly Payne

Confessions of a Cell Phone Addict: And a Cure

Click here to read the article featured on January 12, 2015.

San Francisco Chronicle features New Camaldoli Hermitage monks’ fruitcake and Holy Granola


Click image to read the article featured on November 30, 2012.

Scott London Interviews Pico Iyer

Click here to read Scott London’s interview with Pico Iyer.

One of the Secrets of Big Sur


Click image to read what VIA (the travel magazine of AAA) has to say about the Hermitage, one of “The Secrets of Big Sur”.

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