Brother Emmanuel Wasinger (1927-2017)

Our beloved Brother Emmanuel died serenely last night at the Windsor care facility, from complications of a heart attack and broken hip. He was cheerful to the end, his body giving out but his spirit never. Born October 14, 1927 on the family farm near Loretto, Kansas, he became a Benedictine monk at Holy Cross Abbey, Canyon City, Colorado. He then followed his novice master, Fr. Joseph Diemer, here to New Camaldoli for a more contemplative life in 1965. He has always been warm and friendly, dedicated to Eucharist, the Divine office, and also the Rosary and Way of the Cross, and he delighted in taking care of our diesel generator (which provides all our electricity) and planting corn and keeping our roads clear. We shall very much miss him, but know he is in God’s love now, and praying for us. Funeral arrangements will be announced, and he will be buried here in our cemetery, together with the monks and workers he knew so well, and with whom he is now celebrating Above.

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  1. As I am praying for my brothers during this challenging time, I also remember the gentle cheerfulness of Br. Emmanuel. I will offer Mass for the repose of his soul and for consolation to the community he loved and served so long and so well. Blessings!

    Fr. Chuck Wible, Oblate

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    • I was always so kind and loving to us Martha and Larry Moricca

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  2. I saw his face in my minds eye.
    May he Rest In Peace. What Joy! Awaits. My blessings to the loving family and condolences.

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  3. He was always so gracious and welcoming. May the angels welcome him into paradise!

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  4. I first met Brother Emmanuel in 1975, and in the years since then, he never changed a bit – he was “timeless”. I could write many a page on our acquaintance over the years, but this is is not the place. Hands down, however, no one will miss his enduring presence at Camaldoli more than I – apart, no doubt, from Brother Gabriel. In the later half of the 70’s these two Brothers, with Fr. Bernard and the two novices (at the time), plus myself, made so much noise at their charasmatic meetings on Sunday (in Scholastica) that the monks couldn’t sleep. so Bruno canceled the whoopola. Too bad because, apart from Gabriel, who else at the Monastery ever saw Brother Emmanuel dance? It seems there’s only God and I left!

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  5. i used to frequent the monastery
    when times were very tough
    i cherished my anonymity
    on the mountain there
    one day Br Emmanuel
    approached me and asked
    somewhat startled
    that anyone would speak to me
    i answered NOBODY
    and he responded
    i had been locked out of my room
    the sun was setting and i had been
    praying for some answers
    and finally got one
    so i followed him
    into a side chapel
    that i did not know existed
    and in there Fr Isaiah
    was preparing to say Mass
    for another late arriving pilgrim
    it was a God send to me
    and i cherish it still

    thank you Br Emmanuel
    for reaching out to me

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    • You were a teacher of gentle wisdom and and profound simplicity.
      May Christ’s Peace envelope you good brother.
      -chad (charbrl)

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      • He was my Uncle I never knew. I always had it on my bucket list to meet him. But as we all know time flys by before we know it. I just remember seeing pictures of him when I was young. He was a year or two older than my dad ,Leonard Wasinger. I’ll will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

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