Map of the Hermitage

The Hermitage offers a variety of accommodations throughout our monastery grounds. The map at right indicates the locations of each, for your general reference. You will note that each of the private rooms in the retreat house are named; click this link: short biography/reference to see the story behind each.

Please note: Sorry, no children under 16 years of age allowed, due to silent nature of retreat. No non-service animals allowed.

For guests requiring wheelchair accessibility, please note that Guest House B is the closest to our Chapel, with ramps and ease of access to the Chapel and bookstore.  Please contact katee @ for information on our other ADA-approved accommodation.   Please note: there is no internet or cell phone service here. There is a landline phone available in the bookstore during business hours to make quick calls in case of urgency or to let your loved ones know you have arrived safely.

The main retreat house features nine private rooms , each with a half-bath and personal garden overlooking the ocean. In the retreat house, there is also a room with two private showers and a common kitchen where meals are picked up.

In addition to the retreat house, there are five private hermitages located along the hillside below the retreat house. These spaces offer greater solitude and privacy. They include a kitchenette and a sun deck, with beautiful ocean views. The main meal is picked up at the retreat house kitchen. The private hermitages called “Logos”, “Sophia” and “Doxa” each have a separate bedroom with a double bed.

Added in 2011 are private retreat accommodations (re-purposed monks cells) within the monastic enclosure. This completely private cells includes bath, prayer room, sleeping cove and kitchenettes. These accommodations are only available to male retreatants since they are located within the monastic cloister. They are not available on-line, please call the bookstore (831)667-2456 x 100 or send an email to

We are pleased to now offer four choices in accommodations that are double occupancy:

GuestHouse B , located to the bookstore, has two twin beds, a full bathroom with shower and kitchenette.
The private hermitages Sophia, Doxa and Logos have a separate bedroom with a full bathroom and kitchenette.


Rates for accommodations, cancellation policy and check-in

Group Retreats:
To reserve 3 or more rooms, contact Katee in Guest Ministry at (831) 667-2456 x 143 for group policy information.  Reservations can be made up to 12 months in advance.

Minimum/Maximum stay:

The Hermitage has a 2 night minimum stay and a 14 night maximum stay requirement. We ask that you plan to stay at least 2 nights (in the same room) to fully experience the serene, rejuvenating monastic atmosphere here, and to reduce the noise and activity associated with single night stay-overs. Our guests have found that one simply cannot receive the full benefit of disconnecting from the busy world with a single night stay.

Room rates:

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations made for arrival January 1, 2019 or later will be subject to the new rates as follows:
Logos: single= $225.00; double= $325.00
Doxa and Sophia:  single= $200.00; double= $300.00
Hesychia and Kairos:  $170.00
Scholastica:  $280.00  (Scholastica is a double occupancy only room)
Guest House B: no rate increase for 2019.
Retreat Rooms 1-9: no rate increase for 2019.
(room rates were not increased in 2017 or 2018) 


The 2018 cost for retreat accommodations are as follows (please note that any amount paid above these rates is tax deductible, and we will use that amount to fund our scholarship program – for those guests who need financial assistance). Click here for more information on scholarships.  Also note that the entire balance due will be charged to your credit card 7 days prior to your arrival – you will not need to pay once you’ve arrived.  

Single occupancy retreat house rooms 1 thru 9 are $135 per night.
View a Virtual Tour!

Private Hermitages Kairos or Hesychia: $160 per night (single occupancy only).
Kairos Virtual Tour!
Hesychia Virtual Tour!

Private Hermitages Logos, Doxa or Sophia: single occupancy: $191 per night; double occupancy: $291 per night.

Photos of Sophia Private Hermitage

Photos of Doxa Private Hermitage

Photos of Logos Private Hermitage

Single occupancy Monastic cottages are $145 per night. They are not available for online booking. Please call to book.

GuestHouse B is $135 for single occupancy and $235 for double occupancy.
GuestHouse B Virtual Tour!

Scholastica: ADA room.  Double occupancy only. $276 per night.
Scholastica Virtual Tour!

All rates for accommodations include meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), which are mostly vegetarian. Please see our “FAQ” section for more details.


Cancellation Policy

A 5% cancellation fee will be charged to your credit card on file, based on the entire cost of your reservation.

No changes or cancellations to a reservation are allowed within 7 days of arrival date (or after the guest has arrived). If you have to change your reservation within 7 days of arrival, you will be charged for any nights that you remove from or add to your reservation.  If the room is re-booked for the days you had reserved, we will waive charges for those dates re-booked except for the 5% cancellation fee. You may cancel by emailing katee @

Reservation Change Policy:

We will make changes to an existing reservation the first time as a courtesy; any changes to the reservation after that will require a $15.00 change fee. Any changes must be made no less than 7 days prior to arrival.

Because of our remote location and the difficulty in re-booking rooms on short notice, we ask for your understanding as we uphold these policies. Any nights that you pay for but do not use are tax-deductible as a donation to a 501(c)(3) charity. 


Check-in is 4:00 pm, check-out is 1:15 pm.

Late Arrivals

When arriving, please proceed to the Bookstore and Gift Shop to check in. If you are arriving after hours (the store closes at 5:00pm), there will be a map with your name on it in a “late arrivals” stand near the front door of the store, which will direct you to your room or private hermitage. Please take the map and register the following morning at the bookstore. In your room you will find a binder with information on meals, trails and other pertinent instructions that will help make your stay comfortable.

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