The Hermitage is opening for business July 21!

We are taking reservations for July 21 through the end of August by phone or email only (you will be able to book via our website for stays from September onwards). We have lots of availability – come stay with us!

The Hermitage Urgently Needs Your Help!

A message from Prior Cyprian Consiglio:

I have often used the word ecosystem to describe New Camaldoli, which applies to both our community and our geography. As many of you will have no doubt heard by now, the central coast got walloped by an ‘atmospheric river’ of rain these past months, continuing into the present moment, which destroyed dozens of sections of Highway 1 and badly damaged our own entrance road.

This storm is historic in terms of the damage it has caused and a true catastrophe for the people and businesses of Big Sur. The roads to our north and south could be shut down for months while they are rebuilt. Every business in the affected Big Sur coast will be closed or greatly cut back for the foreseeable future. Our property is right in the middle of the most fragile part of the highway and so we are totally cut off at several points from all comings and goings.

Ours was one of the first areas to be severely impacted by the storms. This is part of living in a beautiful and wild place like Big Sur, and what being “a place apart” entails. This ruggedness is also part of the special beauty that people love about the Hermitage, and why guests and retreatants are so grateful to be here.

The community here at the Hermitage, monks and staff, is “holding this space,” as we say around here—and in this case, holding it through the storms and rock slides––for the sake of everyone in our larger circle of friends, oblates, and fellow monastics near and far. It has also been an opportunity to reconnect with our neighbors and bond with new ones, especially those who were and continue to be stranded along with us. Unfortunately, though, hospitality is our primary source of income, and we have not been able to receive guests for nearly two months, which is a huge financial blow to the Hermitage. We have now had to cancel all reservations for the month of March, and that may continue into April and May, depending on how fast repairs are done. So, like many others here on the coast, we’re in a position where we could use some support in getting through this season of storms.

We’ve set up a GoFundMe page to help collect support and donations for the Hermitage. Please help us through this difficult and challenging time if you can.

Welcome to New Camaldoli Hermitage!

The life of a Camaldolese monk centers on the seeking union with God following the dictates of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in union with the Catholic Church, through the ancient but ever new monastic heritage of Saint Benedict as enriched by Saint Romuald. This life radiates outward in various rhythms, involving him in solitude and community, silence and fraternal encounter, prayer and work, study and recreation. He is dedicated to the love and praise of God in the bond of fraternal charity.

Watch the video above to experience the majestic beauty of the Hermitage and the Big Sur coast for yourself.

The community in Big Sur is situated in the rugged coastal mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Located on 899 acres at an elevation of 1300 feet, the Hermitage is surrounded by California chaparral, redwood, madrone, bay laurel, and an oak forest. The view is of both ocean and woods – a natural setting profoundly conducive to the contemplative way of life.


What’s Happening At the Hermitage!

New Camaldoli Hermitage Featured on PBS!

A featured story about the New Camaldoli Hermitage will air soon on Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly on PBS.  Each public television station that carries the program decides when to broadcast it so check local listings. The program will also be available online beginning January 27th.  Here’s a preview!

New Camaldoli Hermitage Featured in Dallas Morning News!

We noticed a recent writeup that nicely featured the Hermitage in the Dallas Morning News. Titled “Be in your own ‘Mad Men’ finale at this silent retreat in Big Sur“, it provides a nice first person account of a recent visitor’s stay at the Hermitage. Thanks to Tina Danze for such a wonderful article about our home.

New Camaldoli Hermitage Featured in San Luis Obispo Tribune

We’re pleased to share this very nice recent write up about the Hermitage, featured in the San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Read all about it!

New Camaldoli Hermitage special write-up featured in Coast Magazine

Written by well-known author Pico Iyer, this article describes in pictures and words the spiritual and natural beauty of our place in the Big Sur wilderness.

Read all about it!

New Camaldoli Hermitage is featured in the newest edition of the popular Moon travel guide (Monterey & Carmel edition)

You’ll find our hermitage and bookstore mentioned on pages 191, 208 and 209. The guide is a great resource for other destinations, sights and food in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties as well.

A description of the guide can be found here!

You may purchase a copy from us at our online store under “Books & Journals”.

New Camaldoli Hermitage Gets Better and Holier

The Hermitage was recently featured in ‘Monterey County Now’ online magazine.    Read all about it!

Here’s a wonderful excerpt from the article:

When famed travel writer and longtime Time Magazine essayist Pico Iyer was given the chance to travel anywhere in the world for National Geographic Magazine, he chose Big Sur and the New Camaldoli Hermitage. “I have been traveling all over the world for 40 years now, from Tibet to Ethiopia and my home in Kyoto, to Easter Island and North Korea and Bolivia,” Iyer writes by email from the less exotic locale of Glendale. “But I can honestly say that I’ve never found anywhere that changes me to the core as the New Camaldoli Hermitage does.”

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