Making a retreat

Retreat Brochure

Since the founding of the Hermitage in 1958, we have offered hospitality to those who wished to retreat here. It is one of the hallmarks of the Hermitage and an essential practice reflecting the ancient monastic tradition of welcoming guests, and especially from the point of view of our founder Saint Benedict, to welcome them as Christ. At the Hermitage, most of our retreat accommodations are for one person, meals are taken in one's room and an atmosphere of gentle but profound silence pervades the Hermitage grounds. A key element of any retreat experience is spaciousness – whether it is the large retreat house rooms and private hermitages, or the welcoming space of the chapel which is open 24 hours a day, or the spectacular vista of the Pacific Ocean from our property which is accessed via the 2-mile winding road – we offer people of all faiths the experience of engaging in something larger than oneself and in Someone who loves each of us infinitely.

In the interest of maintaining a silent and contemplative atmosphere, retreatants are asked to refrain from using radios, typewriters, or musical instruments. Pets are not permitted. Meals, which are included in the rates, are mostly vegetarian and are taken privately in one’s own room or garden.

Please consider making a retreat part of your regular spiritual practice and if you can, consider coming here. We would love to share our Hermitage with you.


Preached Retreats 2014

The Hermitage is pleased to announce the preached retreats for the year. The number of offerings has been expanded this year and brief descriptions are provide here, where available. You may register online; the cost of the retreat is included in the room rates for these days.

June 27 & 28, 2014
Fr. Michael Fish, OSB Cam: Camino III: the inner journey (more)

July 4 & 5 , 2014
Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, OSB Cam and Gitanjali Lori Rivera: Retreat for Musicians (more)

August 1 & 2, 2014
Fr. Thomas Matus, OSB Cam: Realizing God (more)

August 8 & 9, 2014
Fr. Daniel Manger, OSB Cam: Dreams in Spiritual Stewardship of the Disciple (more)

August 15 & 16, 2014
Fr. Cyprian Consiglio, Fr. Raniero Hoffman, Br. Bede Healey, Novice Cassian Makil: Vocations: Come and See -- Explore your life path (more)

August 22 & 23, 2014
Fr. Robert Hale, OSB Cam: Christian Contemplation (more)

September 2 - 10, 2014
Community Retreat

September 26 & 27, 2014
Br. Ivan Nicoletto, OSB Cam: The Groaning of God and of Creation (more)

October 24 & 25, 2014
Br. Bede Healey, OSB Cam and Mike Mullard, Oblate, OSB Cam: Spirituality and Therapy through a Monastic Lens: Retreat for Mental Health Professionals (details at a later date)

October 31 & November 1, 2014
Fr. Andrew Colnaghi, OSB Cam, Fr. Arthur Poulin, OSB Cam, and Toni Betschart, Obl. OSB Cam (details at a later date)

November 5 - November 8, 2014
Valerie Sinkus: Mini Icon Writing Workshop (more)

November 14 & 15, 2014
Br. Bede Healey, OSB Cam and Paula Huston, Oblate, OSB Cam: Seeking God's path for us: The Monastic Perspective on Discernment (details at a later date)

Please do not use e-mail to reserve Preached Retreat Weekends. These must be reserved by calling the Bookstore (831) 667-2456 x100.

We ask that you register for only one retreat, but you can be on the waiting list for other retreats. The suggested donation is $60.00 in addition to the suggested donation for the room or private hermitage.